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Arnošt Budík, Jan Dočekal | Dream towers by Linda Filipová

The painter Linda Filipová (1978) is the youngest member of the Czech surrealist group Stir up. She has a beautiful profession. She is an art teacher at primary school. The first thing that attracts critic's attention in Linda Filipová's works of art is the sovereign drawing. It is said that such great talents are a gift from God. But surrealists are atheists in most cases. From the full perception of human freedoms, however, they fully respect the religious freedom of the faithful. If they are endowed with significant abilities in some way, they speak of talent from nature.
Years ago Linda Filipová defended her university pedagogical studies with a diploma thesis on Art of the 20th century as an inspiration for teaching art education at primary school. It discusses the visual arts of the time. It briefly characterizes individual art directions of this period and consequently it attends to surrealistic art. Then the attention is attended to the Czech surrealistic art and the origin and circumstances of the establishment of the surrealistics group Stir up. The diploma thesis applied part occupation by facture painting origination, that have been inspired in Vratislav Effenberger´s poetry - Travellers from today to tomorrow. There is described procedure of art working and also ways out of source for art working. Twentieth Century Art has also become an inspiration source in the education of art. The realized lessons tries to stimulate freedom feeling in pupils, plays with interesting subjects, stimulates make use of fantasy in pupils.

 In the background, at the starting points of Linda Filipová's studio work, there is, of course, the fundamental dimension of the educational attainment. That is, the outlook he applies professionally in didactic contact with school children. Filipová's independent creative work, however, is completely embedded in the mysterious magic of the surrealistic perceptions of the world. Also the psychological perception of man of modern times. In the whole scope of Filipová's individual artistic expression, one cannot overlook the formed principles of imagination that lead to the miraculous.
The history of Surrealism is mostly skeptical of female painting talents. We know only a few whose benefits Surrealism has undoubtedly enriched. Let's name Leonora Caerrington, Breton's daughter Aube Elleouët, Meret Oppenheim or Czech-French Toyen. Today, among them, on the scale of her generation, belongs Linda Filipová. It builds on its predecessors mainly by its entirely original authenticity.
Throughout her work, she strives for full imaginative knowledge, which she tries to orientate safely in the conflict between subjective and objective consciousness. Most of the derived forms, those that permeate Filip's work, are the spontaneous result of the author's feelings. In it, the elements of romanticism are functionally connected to the imagination. In her troubling works, Filipová actually anticipates the psychic structure of her development. There's a poetic charge. It is not difficult to observe its transformation into a process with symbolist elements.
Looking at the works of Linda Filipová´s, the events they depict, and the variations in the ways of drawing and painting, we come to a convincing conclusion. It reads: We have the result of concentrated artistic work of an admirably mature author. Filipová draws mainly on her own inner logic, is original in philosophy and nuances of artistic performances. They identify themselves with surrealism, especially when they are looking for solutions to the deadly reality. In the field of such endeavor Filipová keeps up to date and original authenticity with which he builds his tower of dreams.


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Número 149 | Janeiro de 2020
Artista convidado: Lubomír Kerndl (República Checa, 1954)
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