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Agulha Revista de Cultura # 149 | Janeiro de 2020


For Brazilian readers, this issue of Agulha Revista de Cultura must feel strange at first sight. Not just because it is entirely in English, but also because it is fully devoted to a single country and was organized not by the publishers, but by a guest Editor, Czech artist and critic Jan Dočekal, who promptly answered the call. This project is something we
intend to repeat over the course of this year, including editions devoted to several other countries. This will afford a better understanding of these countries’ cultural and artistic views as seen from within. The guest editors are familiar contributors to Agulha Revista de Cultura, each one offering, according to their own worldview, a valuable and unique agenda. Jan Dočekal, for example, chose to write every text himself. Therefore, the words ahead are his, as we understand that, after all, this issue’s editorial could only be his:


The current edition of Agulha Revista de Cultura is dedicated to Surrealism in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. My current cooperation is in friendship with Floriano Martins. I admire his insight and enthusiasm, his humanism, the fruit of spiritual spice in poetry. Floriano Martins is an important figure strengthening contemporary Surrealism.
I cannot provide credible information about contemporary Surrealism in the Czech Republic. There is no basis for mapping. Surrealism in the Czech Republic is not uniform. Unity is not looking for. It exists freely in many forms. It has a size that is not visible in exhibitions. But I say that much happens outside the visible world. No support and no publicity. I stand very close to the Czech surrealistic group Stir up. I can write about that. In the beginning there is an interview with a member of Stir up Arnošt Budík. He is a Czech living half a century in Belgium. Surrealist par excellence. Theoretician and creator. Arnošt Budík is an active, indispensable personality for Surrealism.

Lubomír Kerndl

Lubomír Kerndl (born October 12, 1954), a Czech surrealist artist and painter, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer. He uses the abbreviation Lukern for signing. He graduated from Brno University of Technology. Member of Stir up. Polygraf, art supporter, publisher of the Surrealist revue Styxus and Surrealist poetry, curator of the International Surrealist Gallery Devil's Tail (Čertův ocas) in a former mill on the Jihlava River in the Czech Republic. He has held twelve author exhibitions, since 2002 has been represented at seventy member exhibitions of the Stir up group, has participated in international surrealist shows in Brussels (Belgium), Coimbre and Lagoe (Portugal), repeatedly in Santiago de Chile (Chile), Cartag and Puntarenas (Costa Rica).

Jan Dočekal, editor



ARC149RC01LF00 Arnošt Budík, Jan Dočekal | Dream towers by Linda Filipová

ARC149RC02JB00 Jan Dočekal  | With painter Josef Bubeník about color and composition

ARC149RC03AB00 Jan Dočekal | Arnošt Budík – Nothing is unambiguous, wasted or good faith

ARC149RC04GD00 Jan Dočekal | Gallery Devil's tail

ARC149RC05LK00 Jan Dočekal | Lubomír Kerndl - guide to the landscape of dreams

ARC149RC06SU00 Jan Dočekal | Surrealism & Stir up group

ARC149RC07JK00 Jan Dočekal | The communicated magic of the worlds by Josef Kremláček

ARC149RC08AB00 Jan Dočekal | The Lacoste group collaborated with the Paris group André Breton

ARC149RC09VP00 Jan Dočekal | Václav Pajurek – guru of the group Stir up

ARC149RC10ZP00 Jan Dočekal | Zdeněk Píža – one of the orthodox surrealists


Agulha Revista de Cultura
Número 149 | Janeiro de 2020
Artista convidado: Lubomír Kerndl (República Checa, 1954)
Editor convidado: Jan Dočekal
Número especial dedicado ao Surrealismo na República Checa
Agradecimentos a Allan Vidigal, por haver traduzido o parágrafo inicial do editorial
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